Come on In

My oh my.....I never cease to amaze myself. Once again, a menopausal moment, one that could have cost me, however, I choose to find the humor in it instead of the worse case scenario. My girls have taken turns camping out w/me the last two nights while the 'hub' is in Columbus meeting up w/Tim where they will drive down to Texas together. So.....last night, Cortny was the winner of a grand stay @ my 5 star 'camper'. Before we left her place, Rich wanted to know that we would be safe and were there other campers around. I assured him everything would be fine, not to worry, besides, someone was continually checking the perimeter (that's Jack Bauer lingo). We took advantage of the beautiful evening and treated Skully to a walk. We watched a movie, put on our 'jammie's and snuggled in for the night. "Love you mom." Love you to Sis". "Is everything secure?" "Yes sissy, we are locked in and safe." Off to la la land I went. This morning consisted of getting everything together to go into town. When I took my purse to the car I went to get my keys to lock the camper. They weren't there. Hmmmm......where did I leave them? Did I hang them up in the camper? Must have. Trotted back to the camper only to find .............dun dun dun DUN......they were still in the 'criken' door from the night before. Panic flashed through my mind "Do I tell Cortny? Do I let her know what a dim whit I am? (as if she's not privy to that info already). Most importantly......Rich isn't gonna be to happy!" I decided to fess up, and Cortny started laughing as well as myself. I said....."please don't tell Rich." "O.K.," (now I know she would have because I tell my 'hub' everything, but it was nice of her to say). So here I am blogging about it and now everyone knows. I can get a real kick out of myself at times while those around me would like to 'kick' something alright. I should just put a sign outside the door that says "Welcome, come on in and take what you want." Once again I hum what has become my favorite lil' ditty as of late "If I only had a brain."


daddybum said...

Your brain is catching up to your eldest sister! It must run in the family, but not on my side!

Calgary said...

LOL. I love the graphic.

Julie W said...

We have loved the time we got to spend with you while you were in Texas. I am missing my daily "blog fix" I'll be checking daily as you travel to Utah. Until next time we see you--Julie