A "DO" Day

Got up at the 'crack' this morning so I could get my hair done. I was starting to look a little rough. I know I'm this outdoorsy girl, and outdoorsy gals don't fuss w/their hair, however, I still have my standards!!! I'm the kinda gal that likes to go out to dinner @ a five star restaurant and then roast marshmallows around a campfire for desert. What can I say, I'm versatile. The 'hub' says I'm complicated, challenging,...precious! Yes..I am! I do like my new "DO". Afterwards, the girls and I went out for lunch at a quaint little"Tea Room", we then visited several antique stores. What a blast. We tried on some great hats which I've displayed. I've talked to people who dread their children growing up and becoming their own person. I love it!!! They are my best friends. Two more people that get me!! The day has ended w/the 'hub' and I having dinner together @ the campsite. Lot's of storms rolled through today only to bring about a beautiful , cool evening.

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