One dream.....

Finished another book yesterday entitled "Dark Summit". It is an account of the 2006 climbing season on Mt. Everest. Eleven people lost their lives. That is the second highest on record, 1996 being the first w/15 fatalities. I have always been fascinated w/Mt. Everest and the region of Tibet. I've watched movies (7 years in Tibet) and documentaries about the area as well as climbing expeditions. I use to think just a few tried reaching the summit each season. I was surprised to find out there are hundreds. It's actually a bit of a zoo. The best time, or should I say the only time are the months of April and May. So chances are, as you read this blog, several climbers are on their way w/the hopes of reaching the summit. Once you reach the summit you can only stay 20 minutes before you begin your descent. I also believed that when you arrived at the base you would begin the ascent, stopping @ different camps along the way to rest and acclimate to the altitude. This is true, however, it is approx. a 2 month ordeal from beginning to end. Of the many who try few actually make the summit. And many have tried more then once, only to have to turn back for various reasons. I'm awed by the courage and fortitude as well as the physical condition these individuals have to be in to attempt such a feat. Some have said it is the most daunting and dangerous adventure attempted. It cost anywhere between 7 and 40 thousand dollars. 7,000 being the bare bones operation, like going to the dollar store vs. 40,000 trip to Neiman Marcus. You might be wondering why I am so intrigued (or you don't give a hoot). I don't have a definitive answer for you. I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl. Ask my dad.....or Timba, I come alive when I am living outside, taking baths in rivers that are frigid cold because of the close proximity from the mountain that is nearby where they begin. I love getting warm by a fire and then climbing into a sleeping bag where I toss and turn and tug in my cocoon of a bed so I can get it just right before I nod off. I love getting up early, when no-one else is awake. The best mornings are the one's where the sun is just coming up over the mountains, there is a chill in the air that requires yet another fire and having a cup of java made the old fashion way. I would revel in traveling to Tibet. Just to stand at the base of Mt. Everest would be a dream come true for me. I'm not interested in climbing it, I just want to see it up close. I believe God's power is best displayed in nature. In talking w/Katie the other day, she mentioned making a list of 100 things she wanted to accomplish/experience before she left this world. We chatted about how difficult it is to come up w/that many things. Maybe the older we get the longer the list becomes because we are more aware of all the possibilities that would bring us joy and a sense of accomplishment. Maybe I will blog about my list someday, but this I know for sure, standing @ the base of Mt. Everest would be on it. Anyone care to join me?

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