Snow Canyon Camping

Did some camping and hiking last weekend. Snow Canyon is beautiful, especially in the winter when it's not 110 criken degrees. We set up our tent right next to some beautiful Red Rock, had a dinner consisting of wienies, cheese and water. Hunkered down by the fire. It was pretty chilly out. The sky was very clear and we could see millions of stars. We have a tent that holds two peeps + a small dog. We were quite toasty, until we had to get up and take care of things in the middle of the night (if you know what I mean). Health experts tell you to drink a lot of water, the downside is the number of times you have to get up in the night to outtake the intake. Anyhooooo......The next day we took a long 2 hour hike amongst the canyons and petrified dunes. It was stunning. The best thing about Snow Canyon is that it is only 15 minutes from our house.

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