A Rhythm of my Own

Those of you in Ohio and Pa. aren't going to be really happy with this next line. I can't help but letting you know, it's spring here. You should come for a visit. I am sitting out on our porch, the sun is setting, there isn't a cloud is the sky, the temp. is about 60 and I can see a mountain range. Bob Dylan (I always think of my sister Lori when Bob Dylan comes on the radio) is playing on my favorite radio station xm ....The Bridge. Life is good. About 30 minutes ago I wasn't feeling so 'spunky'. I took the 'skutman' for a walk and was kinda down. Seems, even though I've been here for going on 9 months (coulda had a baby by now, ouch what a thought), I'm still lookin' for a rhythm....a groove...a tune that says 'this verse belongs to Tami'. Sometimes, I don't recognize the instruments being played around me. I know...I'm a bit hard to follow today, but go a bit deeper and you get my point. As I was walking along feeling this way I began to pray. "God, let me just be me, anyone who comes along and likes that great....in the meantime....there's You. You never change, you are the one constant and can always be counted on. Whatever I do, I want it to be pleasing to You." I have been reaching out to peeps on a regular basis, coffee dates, lunch dates, walks w/no return invitations. Sometimes God sends answers right away, or as in today's case, a moment that brings encouragement. So, like I was saying, Skut and I are walking briskly down the sidewalk and we come upon a delightful, precious couple who I talked with for probably 20 minutes. We talked about breakfast and the best place to get it in St. George. We talked about the stock market and the best stocks to buy right now (gonna check on that when I get done w/my blog.) They have been married for 57 years, and I shared how the 'hub' and I will be celebrating our 25 year anniversary next week. Well you would have thought it was 100 years by their reaction. I should have been the one saying "Wow, 57 years." Not so, they jumped all over our big occasion. We shared stories about children, school and where we had lived. Seems they lived in Bucks County, Pa for a while and we have been to some of the same restaurants. As we said goodbye she said I was adorable (my heart warmed), I told them they were precious (that's about the best thing in my book to call someone). When I walked away I thanked God for the encouragement and about that time a 'boot camp' gal drove by in her golf cart and gave a big wave. On her way back she stopped and we talked and she invited me to play golf. I left her feeling even better and before I got home I heard someone hollar out "Tami!" I looked around couldn't see anyone and then I looked across the street and saw Don, another 'boot camp' buddy. He was standing in his backyard and saw Skut and I and put a shout out to us. I'm home now and feeling maybe, just maybe I have a word or two to my own verse. I have so many verses in my life tune. Each one is about a person, place, event or a combination thereof. Anyone that is reading this.....you have a verse in my 'life' tune. Some have more than one. I thank God for you all. The sun is behind the mountains now, the light is getting dim, Skut is eating dirt....geesh! The 'hub' will be home in a minute and I will fix us some turkey burgers on the grill while Skully throws up the dirt. You take the good w/the bad :)

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