I'm Glad I can Laugh @ myself

Years ago I would scratch my arms and hands while I was sleeping. Now don't judge me, we all have little quirks....I can think of alot worse. Any hoo......I would sleep w/my rings on and when I started my little 'quirk' I would take each ring off... I had three....an opal ring from my mom and dad for my 18th birthday, a pearl ring from the 'hub' and of course my wedding rings. So, as I was saying I would take them off and put them somewhere, often......are you ready for this.....don't' laugh ( I know you will ), on my nose and face. As I'm writing this I am laughing hysterically. To know it is one thing to write it is a totally different animal. O.k., I've picked myself up off the floor and wiped the tears away so I will continue. This went on for a few years. Each morning I would put them back on and the process would repeat itself, consistency has always been a character trait, sometimes to a fault :) So, one day I had trash in one hand and my rings in another as I went about straightening up my room. About a week later (why it took me so long is beyond me), I realized that my rings were no where to be found. Seems I had thrown them in the trash instead of the opposing hands contents. To late however, the trash man had come and gone. After crying and kicking the 'poo' out of myself, I moved on. Wedding rings were replaced (I'm on set # 3, and I don't think a #4 is an option), but the ring from my parents could never be replaced. It still makes me sad to this day, especially since my mother has passed on. So......fast forward to today. I was busy this morning, straightening up the house, the bug man is coming and what would he think if the house was messy? WHO CARES TAMI! A bit later my cell phone rang as I was sitting @ the table. The ring seemed muffled, far away and I went to the files in my brain trying to retrace my steps from the morning "Now, where did I put that thing?" As I was scurrying frantically about I walked by the closet door in the kitchen and the ring became louder. If it was a child's game trying to find an item someone would have said "you are red hot." I opened the door and heard the ring coming from the TRASH CAN!!!!! AYKM! I hurried to dig it out, answered it and it was Timba. I couldn't stop laughing and he asked me what was so funny. Amidst shrills of laughter I got the story out, he made his Timba laugh as only he can do (kinda sounds like my dad), and told his friend what I had done. Glad I could entertain....I've given my children ka-billions of those kinda moments over the years. Just ask them. You may be wondering if I still have that little quirk when I sleep. At times...now it's just surviving the 'criken' hot flashes. However, before I go to bed each night I take my rings off, now there's a novel idea.

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Puff said...

bahahahhahahha you threw your phone in the trash can?! goober c