Miss Him...the World

My dad.., the cloth I was cut from, my prototype, my fellow pea in the pod has passed away. My heart hurts. The void he leaves will never, can ever be filled. It is a part of life that is expected, but when it comes, is anyone really ever ready? No regrets. He knew I loved him.


Puff said...

I'm sorry you hurt momma. I miss him too and love you so much. I never wanna lose you or dad and I don't know how I will but you're right, its part of life and he's with God and nino now. He's happy.

bagman said...

MY deepest sympathies. Having just lost my Mom a month ago, I truly understand the void that is created after a loss. Life continues but our lives are forever altered.

Phil and Melissa Wiebe said...

tami, sorry to hear about your loss. I'll be praying for you and your family. A friend once said... As one life ends a new one begins... You will be a grandma soon! Doesn't make it easier though. I miss you bunches... I started looking for you at church today... Then remember you don't live here now. Ella is growing so fast. I'll have to send you a picture tomorrow. Blessings -melissa

Linda said...

No....we're never ready, even tho' we know it's a part of life to lose loved ones.
I know you're hurting. Writing your thoughts and memories will help you through your grief.
Miss you, Tami!

Vicki said...

Hi Tami, I am glad to see you writing again. We miss you a lot and think of you often.