Blowin' in the Wind

Hi ya'll. Sorry, just had to start my blog that way, afterall, we're in Oklahoma, 5 hours from my precious daughters and my favorite son-in law, Big Rich, and Katie's precious boyfriend Jeremy. So, when in Rome.....you know the rest. We're snug as a bug in a rug. Hunkered down just east of Tulsa at a KOA. We even have cable. We're moving on up. This morning we had water and gas for our stove, (made our first breakfast). This evening we have cable t.v. and we're having pork chops for din din. Yummers! The day was pretty uneventful until the weather became difficult. We were planning on being in Wichita Falls this evening, but decided to stop and wait it out and arrive tomorrow afternoon. Katie is pretty disappointed. (sorry puff).
It's amazing the highs and lows you have when going through a job search. We woke up this morning and we were both excited, talking about what we would do if this job was offered or that job, thinking....we're almost there, certainly a job offer is just around the corner. This evening we're alittle apprehensive (again) and wondering if we'll be in Texas for more then a week or two. Why the mood change? Who knows....maybe it's the rain. Maybe it's the gravitational pull of the moon or perhaps just some bad sausage from breakfast. But what we know for sure is that God is in control. Signed ..... Travelin' Tam in Tulsa :)

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Sparkles said...

I'm glad you're at least closer than before. But i'm still sad:(