Houston We Have A Problem

My kids know that there was a time when I watched Apollo 13 almost 24-7. It was my de-stress movie and well.......I was a bit stressed. Anyhoo......there is a part in the movie where the rocket is out of control and Tom Hanks has his hands on the stick shift and says "Why can't I get control of this thing, it's like having a dead elephant on our back?" Well, pulling this r.v. feels like a dead elephant on our behind. Because we are taking "extra" stuff and depositing it at the folks, we are towing a ton. The front end is up and when anything larger then a V.W. beetle whizzes by on the freeway, we take a ride. We are presently at a rest area...resting along side of the big "truckers", and the 'hub' is shifting weight around to see if it will help. We shall see. In the meantime., I just had a bag of m&m peanuts and Skully did his thing. Not sure how far we will get today....knowing the 'hub' he will want to get there tonight. It's a guy thing! So readers, our adventure has begun. We'll let you know when we've "touched down".
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K1060Bambi said...

I love watching you guys "float" all over the country. I am praying for your safe arrival. I remember when our family took an RV to Florida. Somehow it was nicer when we arrived:) Hang in there and enjoy the trip. Don't worry about the gas. It is cheaper than a mortgage payment and you have each other to enjoy the ride with .... Love you, Jackie

idaholan said...

So very happy that you are together again after so long and able to share this adventure. Love to you both! I'll be wathching you!
Happy trails and roads!