Traveling Eve

Twas the night before moving and all through the house
Not a chair to sit in or even a couch

Three pods were packed with grunting and care
Knowing that someday our stuff will be "there"

I in my jammies and Bill in skivs
Went to rest in the camper where we now live

Tami's goodbyes brought on some 'boo hoos'
So Bill took Skully out for his last evening 'poo'

The house is now empty, the camper is 'full'
We looked at each other and said "this is so cool"

Finally together after two years apart
Brings us great joy as we plan to depart

They're some who may think we are out of our minds
And others who wish they could follow behind

Maybe alittle, but that is o.k.
Wherever we land there's a place you can stay

So keep checking our blog as our travels begin
Ride along with us to our journey's end


cb said...

C. This is so exciting! I love it. Welcome to the Blog World. p.s. Nice Rhymes. Al Sharpton would be proud.

Sparkles said...

MA!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!!! I almost cried reading your lil poem and saw your office (thats haunted) and will miss that house. That house that brought snowdays, laughs, tears, toots, meals, fires, pictures, and some of the best and worst times for the Stepp family. I'm so glad you're doing this blog and that you and dad are together on this adventure. I can't wait to see you and I'm proud to call you my c bee.

bagman said...

The house was still full,
Only one pod was gone.
When the old men showed up,
And put their "moving gloves' on.

On Neil, on Dick,
On Brad and on Dave,
With huffing and puffing,
"My back" they exclaimed.

With strength and with "dolly",
They moved through the house.
The washer, the dryer,
Watch out for the dog, it's the size of a mouse.

Many hands made light work,
And the pod it was packed.
Like it you'd be gone,
How soon will you be back?

cb said...

who is this bagman? he's giving you a run for your rhyming money.

Julie W said...

Fun! I've been wondering where you would be hanging your hat! Brady and I are looking so forward to the time that we see you again. We'll read faithfully!

ChRiStInExOxO said...

Taxitam... on the move again!! Who knew you could rhyme?!! I am sorry I missed you at Panara to say goodbye... but it is not goodbye but until I see you again. I have put your blog up as a "fav" so I can keep up with your adventures and post a comment or two... much love to you both. Christine

Co-Co said...

Tami Girl
I'm trying to figure out how to post this...if this works, I am a genius! Or completely useless! Absolutely loved your poem. You are a chick of many talents! Glad it's you camping and not me...did you remember the poop bags???

NutsyGnome said...

Loved the poem. I can't wait to keep tract of the piece of my heart that is going with you!
love ya,

Co-Co said...

Just checkin' in on your adventures. All sounds well and it's great "hearing" your voice! Keep up the chatter. Spring has sprung in PA. I think it's going to be 80 today...that's a bit too warm for me! But it's beautiful..magnolias, weeping cherries, forsythia...just spectacular. I'll be spring cleaning the porch today, it's been a storage dump for winter...
Had any home fries in Texas????

Calgary said...

What a great poem, Aunt Tami! I loved it! By the way, this is your niece. Obviously, because I called you "Aunt Tami." Anyway, thanks for sending me this link; it's great to be able to keep up with your travels.