I started yesterday with a trip to Columbus airport. The 'hub' and I say a goodbye (at least this is only for two days) as he flies off Utah to check out a job prospect and I head to the mall...to check out the prospect of shoes :). I thought I knew where I was going, after all, I did live south of here for 20 years. Evidently...NOT! I had grand plans for the day. A quick trip to the mall and then the Skullster and I would head down to WCH to visit w/some long time friends who I hadn't seen in a while. After driving up and down Polaris Pkwy. for at least 30 minutes, I had the brilliant idea of using my cars Onstar Nav. system. Come to find out, I was no longer a customer because someone in customer service didn't do their 'criken' job. I know this comes as a great shock to most of you. Well......age and experience has made me quite the negotiator along with the help of my frugal friend Jackie, I was able to get a fabulous one year deal w/three months free service. The 'deal' along with shopping and waiting way to long to eat left me exhausted. I left the mall just in time to head for home along with the thousands of others leaving work for the day. I took a few pictures while sitting idle in traffic. Oh, yeah....in case you were wondering I was able to find a cute pair of shoes. I'm sure the salesclerk thought I was a nut, (imagine that) as I took phone pics of diff. pairs on my feet and sent them to my most fashionable daughters and waited to get their stamp of approval. Technology..sometimes I love it like when I send text/pics to my precious daughters, other times...it isn't worth the time it takes to use it.

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j.kulp said...

I am a star! Just read this blog today. I know how you feel when you go back to a place after a long time and the directions are not the same as what is stored in your memory:)

Love you!