Our Little Secret

I would like to let you in on a little secret. Let me start by telling you a story. Most of you know that we have been moving around since 1996. The 'hub' is an only child so our children are his parents only grandchildren. Well.....you can imagine how hard it has been for them not being able to see all of us. A couple of years after we made our first move and several trips back and forth from Ohio to Texas and Texas to Ohio we met with the folks for dinner in Cincinnati to celebrate his mom's birthday. We took them to Montgomery Inn, (those of you who live in Ohio know how scrumptious the ribs are). We then went back to our hotel room and proceeded to tell them the big news, we were moving back into the area. His mom did a backward role on the bed and they both started to laugh and cry at the same time. Good memories. Doesn't it feel great to give good news to those you love? O.k., so...the other job that the 'hub' is waiting to hear about is in non other then COLUMBUS, OHIO! Can you imagine! Not only that, the plant is right around the corner from their home. They have no idea. They know he is interviewing for a company that has 7 plants, one of which is in California, and they think that we would move there if it is offered. They are getting up in years and I believe his dad's health has been somewhat affected by the absence of those most close to him. I'm not sure if she can still do a backward roll, but, I know that there will be tears/laughter of joy..and not just by the folks. We would be thrilled to be Buckeye's once again. When I talk w/God about this, I tell Him that it all makes sense. You know, one of those "exceedingly, abundantly" events. I'm waiting to hear His opinion :)


cb said...

go bucks!

Sparkles said...

BUCKEYE'S!!!! I miss pops and grams....God will put us where we need to be, you're right:) Exceedingly Abundantly.

chell said...

God continues to use you BOTH in mighty ways to bring Glory to his name!

NutsyGnome said...

Hey Tam and Bill,
Just thought I would tell you I started your truck--now affectionately known as L'il Red" and I was surprised it does 0 to 90 in thirty seconds!Only kidding. but it did start right away and is doing fine in our driveway. This is the second day of beautiful weather, and for that I am very thankful. It sounds as if you are having a great adventure, and remember that I will continue to follow the little piece of my heart as it travels with you!
Love ya,