"Hell's Angel"

Sometimes, blog material just drops right in your lap. You instantly think “I’m going to blog about that.” Yesterday provided me we such an opportunity and I've been waiting to sit down and share it w/you. I needed a loaf of bread and the store is only 3 miles away. I thought “let’s see how fast I can get my scooter cranked up to.” I left w/ 10$, sunglasses and a helmet on my head that makes me look like Eric Estrada from “Chips.” Off I went. I had a bit of a head wind (there never seems to be a day when the wind isn’t blowing in Texas), and it inhibited my ability to get the ‘scoot’ up to 40 mph. But I had it full throttle and was whizzing down the highway. Now, if you haven’t been to Texas you need to know that 90% of the vehicles are trucks. Several passed me on the way, each w/a man behind the wheel that gave me a friendly wave. Everyone waves at you here. I keep waiting for someone to ‘honk’ at me like the folks in Allentown, Pa. Not a friendly honk mind you, always because you're annoying them w/your driving skills or lack there of. As I was speeding along I noticed a white truck traveling behind me. I kept waiting for him to catch so that I could wave him on, after all, the speed limit was 60 mph and I was cranked out @ about 35mph. He stayed at the same distance and pulled into the parking lot right behind me. I didn’t pay to much attention. I shut off the ‘scoot’ took of my ‘EE’ helmet and was starting into the store when I heard someone address me. It was the man in the white truck. He was tall, face was tan and weathered from the years of being out in the Texas sun, he wore levi jeans, cowboy boots, a crisp white western shirt and of course, a big 10 gallon cowboy hat. I didn’t hear what he said the first time and said “Excuse Me.” Now, I am going to try to phonetically write out how this sweet ole’ Texan sounded. He went something like this “Welllllllllll ain’t that cute”. I said” thank you very much.” Again he said “I meen that is reeelly reeelly cute”. I chuckled and moved a little closer. “Do ya’ mind me asking ya’ just how much ya’ll paaaid for that thur’ scooter?” I told him. He laughed and said “What do ya get about 100 myl a gallon?” Once again I chuckled and said “Actually, about 75.” He just stood there w/a big ole’ grin on his face. I could tell that he was really getting a kick out of this small framed woman with the big ‘EE” helmet riding along on a tiny scooter. You see everything in Texas is big, the bugs, the cars, the ‘bobcats’, the sky, hair, rings, welcomes and goodbyes. About that time, another truck pulled up and, of course, these two cowboys knew one another. They exchanged big Texas greetings and the one continued to laugh and said to his buddy “I’m just talkin’ here w/the local ‘hells angel’ ”. They both started laughing then, uncontrollably. Now some would say, “Tami, they were just patronizing you.” Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t, but, no matter, I was proud of my little scooter as it sat between their two big trucks. If nothing else, the sight of me riding on it made them smile. I might have been the joke around their campfire that night, but……like I said in an earlier blog, “We like to make an impression wherever we go.” By ya’ll!!


Micki said...

Hey Tami,

What great blogs!!! When are you going to write a book? Really enjoying your adventures.

Were you intimated at all by the truckers?

Keep us informed as to your whereabouts and your latest info.


LJ said...

My first thoughts when I saw the "Hells Angel" photo --you look like "The Fly" (David Hedeson version), and...you look like Mommy.

What a wonderful adventure the two of you are having. Perhaps I can get small, mail myself to your latest location in W.F. Texas, re-size myself and join you. Wouldn't that be fun!!!