It's a GAS

Hey all. We like it here it W.F., so much that we thought we would invest in what seems to be a booming business in the economy right now. After all, it is Texas, and you know what it's best known for??? That's right GAS!!! I have purchased a gas station and named it well.....after me!! So when you come and visit, you'll know where we are by the sign that bares my name:) Just kidding, had you going there for a bit didn't I!!! Tim will be here soon and everyone is excited about his summer stay. He's already ordered next years required books through Amazon and having them shipped to Kates. Not sure what he will be sleeping on when he gets here, maybe a air mattress or a futon! I don't think he much cares. I know he is looking forward to being here.

Bill is a bit under the weather today so we are hanging out here. I was able to get to town and had lunch w/Cort n Rich and then took Cortny to a consignment store where I purchased an adorable dress for her and some cute tops for Katie. All for 34.00 woo hoo!

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cortny said...

i tag you momma. go to my page for instructions.