Santa Fe is all I hoped it would be. We started off our day taking a run and then lifting weights back @ the campground. We met our neighbors who are from Virginia. They are traveling on motorcycles across country. When they are finished they will have gone about 10,000 miles. WOW!!!! The woman's head was shaved and she shared it was to make it easier. Now, that is pretty gutsy to shave your head just cause you don't want to mess w/helmet head every day. We then took off to town where we spent the day perusing (love that word) the shops and had a wonderful lunch out on a balcony above the town square. The 'hub' bought a great hat that has SPF protection to boot. He looks pretty spiffy!! To much to see in one day so we will make sure we get there one more time before we leave. I thought I would do some laundry. Guess how much a load costs??? $4.00 Can you believe it!!! I found out it's because water is a very precious commodity here in the SW. Did I mention I got a new hat too??? I love hats. My mom (here it comes girls) said I had the perfect head for hats!! There's something about the weight of what your mother tells you, you believe it, no matter what! So.....I buy hats. Found another one in town but it was $40.00. That seemed a bit pricey to me. Just a side note....to those who have prayed for us over these last two difficult years, this time we have spent in the r.v. has been just what we have needed. We have now been in our new lil' home for a month and a half and we still love it. I do miss taking a bath. You can bet one of the first things I will do when we get to our hotel in St. George will be to take a long, hot, soaking tubber!! Until then....I will blog and buy hats!

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