"Hub" is a Goat

We went golfing today. Lovely weather. We started out around 11:00 a.m. w/the plan to walk 18 holes. By the time I was done w/the front 9 I was pooped and asked if we could get a cart. The 'hub' has a thing about getting carts. So do I, however, I was dying. It was in the upper 80's, my bag weighs 100 hundred pds (not really but it feels like it), and I didn't factor in the altitude. I tried to comprise and say, "let's have lunch and then decide", thinking maybe I would get my second wind after downing turkey/swiss on whole wheat. NO CHANCE. I was still pooped, so we got a cart. The back of my neck was fried and so I was doubly grateful for the shade of the cart. I kept reminding the 'hub' that this time next week he would be back to work and our time was short to indulge in such things. Although it didn't improve our play the reality gave us reason to pause and take in our surroundings. The view was spectacular as we were surrounded by mountains, many of which still had snow on their tops. Our day ended dining @ a lovely local place called "The Roadhouse" where we sat outside to eat a delicious dinner. So what can I tell you that I learned today? He is a goat. I'm telling you......he can walk forever w/a pack on his back in any kind of weather. Baaaaaaaddddddd 'hub'.


cortny said...

a goat? interesting how i never noticed. what's that make you?

Julie W said...

So glad you're back on the blog. I've been missing my daily dose! We miss you already, and are praying you have a safe and fun trip to St. George. Oscar seems lonely since Scully left! Julie