My new fav spot

Today is gorgeous w/blue sky and all the mountains surrounding St. George in clear view. When I woke up and took Skully out to do his 'biniz' there was a beautiful hot air balloon floating overhead. I watched it for a while as I waited for 'skuttle bug' to complete the task. It's the 'hub's first day on the job. I dropped him off a short while ago w/a big kiss and a hug. With that we begin a new chapter. He looked very professional and up for the task. On my way back I stopped at my new favorite spot. "Perks", the best blended cold drinks ever. My favorite so far (as I have not sampled all of them) is called a "White Knight". DE......licious!!! I'm slurping one while I write this blog. My scoot and I will take our 'debut' ride through town and check out some shops I have had my eye on. Tonight is dinner w/the 'hubs' new boss. What to wear, what to wear??? Big, heavy decisions, I'm not sure I can handle it :) Bye for now.

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