We have arrived?

Been a few days since I've posted a blog. We've been quite busy just trying to get acclimated to our new home. It is beautiful here. The trip here was full of wind, tumbleweeds and snow, if you can believe it. We actually left out of Flagstaff before they received snowfall accumulations. Our trip up from there was breathtaking. We crossed the Colorado River and stopped to take pics. Our new residence is a Marriott Extended Stay. It's quite comfy and one of the first things I did was take a long bath. Funny, even though I enjoy the hotel, the 'hub' and I miss the r.v. We looked @ houses on Saturday and have put a bid on a fixer upper. I know, I know.....what happened to the condo idea. Well......it is just to good of a deal to pass up. We will hear on whether they except our offer or not by Tuesday. Skully loves the hotel as there is a gated back area with lots of grass and a pool and hot tub. (not that he is swimming or chilling in the tub), but he loves running free. We are going to dinner this evening @ the home of one of the 'hubs' work associates. They were kind enough to invite us over for dinner. So far, everyone here has been very friendly. Just one more day of our extended 6 month vacation and we start a new chapter in our lives w/the 'hub' going back to work. What will I do w/myself???? Oh....I have plans, my scooter and I will be 'scootin' around town exploring the area. So for now, our r.v. is parked and our time will be spent learning the ways of St. George. Traveling is not far off as I will be planning my summer fly fishing trip to Montana and also our family reunion in Copalis, Washington. I will keep you posted on my daily (or every other) travels around town and the surrounding areas.


Julie W said...

So glad to hear you made it safely! I look forward to reading of your adventures as you make your home in St. George! We love you guys!

cortny said...

Too bad dad will have to shave off his "scruff" for work. I'm diggin' it, especially with his Indy hat. Love you both. See you in July!