The Search is on

Well......it had to happen. I knew there would be a day that I would feel alittle panic. Today was the day. We began our search this morning for a church home. One down and several to go. Let it suffice to say that 30 minutes into the service and we snuck out during the prayer time. I know, I know....but.....I've done this many times and I know (as much as I can), that time is of the essence, so why sit through a service that you know is not for you. Surely, God would not bring us here and not have a church home for us, right? Right! We will carry on. After visiting IHOP for 2nd breakfasties, (Lord of the Rings), we visited Zion Ntnl. Park. WOW.... we are going to camp nearby next week and take a closer look. I need the practice w/the R.V. before I head up to Montana w/out the 'hub'. We also stopped @ a place that teaches rock climbing. I am pumped. So is the 'hub'. I will wait till is cools down a bit and give it a whirl. Tomorrow is the house inspection, we close on the 26th of this month. Just as a side note... I miss the familiar. As soon as I walk outside and take in the view I remind myself that life is a trade off. Soon, this place will be familiar too, and I will make new friends and find my niche here in St. George. Everything will come together. I know this because God has a plan, always has, always will. I just need to trust, wait and believe!


Micki said...

Hey Tami and Bill,

Good luck on finding a church. You will. Hopefully, all will go well with the inspection.

Sounds like the area is really beautiful. Enjoy!

Take care.

Love, Micki

K1060Bambi said...

Neil preached on our Ebenezers in life and the need to reflect on those times when God has been there for you and taken you to where you never thought you would or could go. I thought I'd help you with recreate just a couple on your list: 1) The move to Allentown with little to no physical stamina and strength but you got through and God did it, 2) The way you cared for your mom and walked through difficult days with her, scary but God did it through you! 3) Walking (or better running) with Katie through her pains and aches as she physically struggled but grew in areas you couldn't see outwardly but grew heaps and heaps in character, 4) Being married over thousands of miles for a long, long, long time and never thinking it would come to an end (but it did) or that you would get to the end with the same mind:) (but you did, even smarter:) and God did it! 5)Finally, (for tonight), remember our fantabulous production with the creme de la creme of singing voices and actors/actresses, "Four Tickets to Christmas" ... a recipe for disaster had it not been for the Lord. You can do it, Tami Stepp, find those friends and bless their lives! I am so jealous for them because they will have the funniest, sweetest, fiestiest package of a woman out west. You can do it:)

Your forever, crazy blonde friend,