Change of Plans

We cancelled our home deal today. To many uncertainties after the home inspection. We have mixed emotions. The sellers may come back and agree to fix the items that concern us. We will see. We drove around looking at other homes and will go to look inside @ a few tomorrow. When you think about it we have only been here two weeks tomorrow. We have time. So.......don't change our address just yet. If we haven't heard back from them by Monday we will probably have our address changed to the hotel. Brighter news....we are going camping this weekend up by Zion Natl. Park. The weather is going to be in the low 80's sunny and the low 50's @ night. Sounds perfect. Also, I went to lunch with a friend of a co-worker of Bill's. She took me by her church and I picked up some info. We feel more hopeful that there are other churches out there. The funny thing is that she had been to the same church we visited and ended up walking out as well. I'm reading a new great book entitled "The Brain that Changes Itself." It's great!!! It talks about the plasticity of our brains and documents case studies of people w/different challenges such as autism, continual vertigo, strokes and more. I'm only in the third chapter. What it tells me is that my short term memory loss along w/the challenge of remembering words to put in sentences are all fixable w/exercises. There is a website associated w/the book, http://www.positscience.com/ . I encourage any of you that struggle w/brain functions (who doesn't), to give it a look. I think you will find it interesting. 37 days and Cortny and Rich will be here and then we will be off on our fishing trip and family reunion. Can't wait. We have joined a new gym. It's great, but.......I miss my friend Bob-a-kins and the staff @ my old gym in Allentown. It looks like my lil' Bobster may well be the first one out for a visit (not counting family). Can't wait!!!

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j.kulp said...

Missed your call yesterday but I did call back. Still at work, plugging away in the 97 degree heat! I am jealous Bobbie is going to visit you first:( But, I am happy you will have a friendly face to spend special time with. Now, are you going to buy a mansion? If so, the entire fam will be coming out to visit:) Love you! Jackie