Happy Fourth of Ja-FLY

Sometimes I find myself to be so witty. I realize I'm alone in this estimation of myself, however, those close to me know that means diddly squat to me. The pic attached to this post is of two flies I bought while up in the Cedar Breaks National Forest area. They are for the benefit of my master fly ties man dad. I only wish I could remember the name of these two little critters. I hope to use them while on my fishing trip in Montana. As I write this blog my dad is busy furiously tying flies for our big adventure. To date I believe he has between 400-500 ready to cast a way. He took this hobby up after our first trip four years ago and a few hundred dollars later (cost of flies for 5 days of fishing). My wallet thanks him as well as the 'hub' for using his nimble fingers to create fish food magic. Every year my dad always buys me some special little tool to use and add to my gear. I look forward to these precious surprises and each year I go home and feverishly scan up and down the isles of "Cabellas" looking for a surprise to bring to him. These flys are it. Or atleast I'm hoping they will catch the 'big' one and it won't get away. If only I could remember their 'bug' names. I know I will name them. The little one I will call "Little Louie" after my middle name Lou (thanks mom and dad :\), and the big one "Big Daddy"!! I wonder which one will bring in the biggest fish?? I'm betting on LL.


cortny said...

wait. tying flies? do i have to touch dead flies? 'oh h no!'

catyj said...

Enjoy your time! When will YOU learn to tie flies?!?!?!?