Coffee Maker Part II

Much to my surprise some boxes arrived yesterday from Ohio. On our way to Texas we dropped off a load @ the 'hub's' parents to lighten the load of the trailer. I couldn't remember what we left there, I was only hoping that my camping clothes would be part of the stash since we leave this coming week and our 'stuff' is presently in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Woo Hoo, my camping clothes were in one of the six boxes. When I opened the 2nd box guess what I found?? (You cheated because of the title!) My coffee maker. One problem, the carafe was broken. Did I tell you that I have been walking approx. 3 miles every day this week just to get a cup of joe? Yes, that's how much I love the stuff. So when I spotted my best friend "BUNN" it was like ole' times. I began to envision myself grinding the beans and I could actually smell the aroma w/just a look and a thought of my once morning ritual. So, you can imagine how bummed I was when the pot was broken. Being the "anal" person that I am not just any carafe will do, it has to be a BUNN. So the hunt (that's all I seem to do lately is hunt for stuff), began. Day 1 - produced NADA!! I thought I saw them @ Bed, Bath & Beyond, but NO. Once again my menopausal mind has gone on vacation and I can't seem to remember where it was. I WILL find it today. Tomorrow morning think of me as I will be in sitting on my porch in my jammie jams, watching the Skullster chase spiders (crazy dog) and sipping on a hot cup of Seattle's Best (in preparation for my trip to Washington). I will be in Caffeine Country, even if it's just my own backyard. If you listen closely you may be able to hear me say "AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, now that's what I'm talkin' about." Make sure you watch my 'You Tube' video attached to my blog on the right.

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