Poppin' PupPeronies

We close on our home today. There is always things that need to be done. I'm a bit stressed. So much so I just popped a 'PUP Peroni' treat in my mouth thinking it was beef jerky. It wasn't to bad actually. No wonder Skully loves the word 'treat'. Our bank in Pa is arguing w/our bank in Utah about releasing the funds to close on this house. Seems I forgot to write out the word 'thousand' on the line and there is quite a bit of hoopla over the whole thing. It's 9:03 a.m. and we close @ 11:00 a.m. and I still need to get a cashiers check. At the moment I am waiting to here from our bank in Utah. Still no news on getting our belongings here. I'm ready to revive my "Traveling Tam" days and travel somewhere, anywhere.....I'm starting to hyperventilate and my hands are shaking. Gone are the days of good customer service. I try not to be a pessimist on such things, but I am struggling immensley. They say they will call back. The 'hub' even says "are you sure you will give me a call back, because you've failed to do so on several occasions thus far." "Yes Mr. Stepp, I will give you a call back in 15 minutes. Let me look into the problem, we have our whole team working on it." NO CALL!!! The 'hub' calls back again, only to get an answering machine where he leaves another message. You may be thinking.."Come on Stepps, just get someone else." Couple of reasons that is difficult 1) they have our deposit which they were more then eager to obtain immediatley upon our securing them as our mover (unlike what they are doing to get us our stuff) 2) We have tried to get other movers, no one is calling back. Has the mob put out some kinda hit on us? Maybe the bank is in on it as well. All the while I pray "God, help to remain calm, trust in You, and realize that all things will work for good." Upon completing that simple prayer my breathing slows down and hope renews itself. What would I do w/out Him? I can think of a few things....none of which are very nice at this moment.

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