Loosing It in Utah!

Guess where all our 'stuff' is?? Still in Perkasie Pa. Yes, believe it or not, they can't seem to locate a truck to haul it here. So, let's talk about what that means shall we. We close on the house tomorrow, Cortny and Rich will arrive next Friday and a few days after that I leave for Montana and Washington for 2 1/2 weeks. Did I ever tell you why I 'loathe' AT&T? Because I had a mini nervous breakdown when they just couldn't seem to get my address changed and as a result kept charging me more and more w/each passing bill. Didn't matter who I spoke with, they all said "Ofcourse, Mrs. Stepp, the changes have been made and it will reflect on your next bill." Oh....it reflected alright, in the area of DOLLARS and no SENSE on their part!!! Why, you may ask, do I bring this up? Because I'm just about there w/this whole moving company. The 'hub' continues to be patient. I'm sure it's because he knows if he looses it around me I will be carried off in a straight jacket. On a lighter note....Tim got a job @ Starbucks. Hallelujah!!! Whoop, whoop and every word that describes excitement. I can just see him mingling w/some book worms and deep thinking people all while mixin' up coffee concoctions and getting paid to do so. Next up.... Tim on a budget :) Thinking of coffee makes me miss my 'Bunn' coffee maker and special little grinder for my whole coffee beans. Right now they are packed away in Perkasie. I miss my Bunn and Beans. Whoa is me.

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katie said...

awwww c:( freakin idiots. Give me their number and I will give them a generous piece of my mind...which I'm sure you've already done. Have you said...do you know how much cricken money I'm giving you people TO GET ME MY STUFF?! I wish I could hear you on the phone with them. idiots