Mr. Pain n Patootie

I have finally come up for air from my sea of boxes. Two trips to a thrift store and almost a dozen trips to the dump and there's still more to sift through. There's quite a little 'kitty' growing from items sold on Craig's List. (thanks Jackie) Thank God for people who still believe in one another. Tried to sell our snow thrower....only to have it start on Friday night and when the guy (who knew everything about everything...what a pain in the patootie ) showed up to buy it on Saturday it wouldn't start. No deal! It was over 100 degrees outside and the 'hub' tried off and on the remainder of that day to get it started only to have the pull handle pull all the way out. Any ways.......a nice man from Cedar City showed up last night and believed us to be honest and drove off w/our little gem in the back even though it still wouldn't start and the pull handle was hanging out half way. What a riot. Let me just say a few more things about the Patootie guy. He proceeded to walk around the front of the house telling the 'hub' everything that was wrong and how to remedy anything that needed fixing. Did 'hub' ask for his advice? Uh.....NO! He told the 'hub' at one time he looked to buy a place in our development but they were all to small for him....whatever Mr. Pain n Patootie. I was up on the hill (exclusive homes), the other night taking Skully for a walk and believe me there were 'criken' mansions up there. What is wrong w/people I ask you? It's comforting to know that when the snow flies up north this winter a nice man who has the same name as the 'hubs' will start up our 'Pennsylvania blower' knowing he got a bargain and confirming his faith in mankind and his word. Today I am 'making' myself go to Pilates at the gym to work on making some friends. I'd rather stay here and unpack more boxes, sell stuff on the net and watch the Olympics but.......some day all the boxes will be unpacked and everything in it's place and the Olympics will be history and I will need a friend. Will you pray I find a friend soon.


katie said...

Another one of those "oh I was looking for the 'up-the-line' homes. Idiots

katie said...

you'll make friends...you're my precious c. I made friends...and you are just like me...so no worries!!:) miss you

Tam said...

thanks puffer. i hope i have learned from experience and only find gems for friends.:)