Viva Las Vegas

Took a quick trip to Las Vegas on Saturday. What a blast. Spent most of the time hunting for dishes. Seems the ones I had do not match and .... well...... it was fun to get out and do something a bit new. Las Vegas is a very interesting town. You go on 'sense overload' just driving down the strip. Saw a big sign @ the "Flamingo Hotel" advertising 'Donny & Marie's' fall arrival. Are you ready for that Bobbie? Can't wait. I found some dishes @ Dillards and then we had to go on a hunt to find some grass for Skully to do his 'biznis'. The 'hub' pulled up to "Trump" plaza and I got out w/Skully attached to a packing belt (forgot his leash) and proceeded to go over to a patch of grass. Except, it wasn't grass it was AstroTurf (only Trump would put fake grass @ his hotel). Skully is smart, he thought it was a trick, he looked at me as if to say "oh, I get it.......you want to see if I will do the deed on this carpet here. huh uh! not gonna happen momma." The 'hub' showed back up after driving around the block and we took off to find another possible pee pee place. Found one @ an intersection. It must have been 110 outside and I'm walking around on a corner w/a small dog w/cars whizzin by. Skully looked up @ me and cocked his head and in his language said "now you're talking momma......I can work w/this." Which he did. Waited for the 'hub' to show back up while I stood on the corner. Not a great thing to do in Las Vegas.....stand on a corner waiting. I half expected someone to pull over and ask for my services. I'm happy to say no one did. Back home to Saint George we drove into a spectacular storm and stopped by a McDonald's to use the facilities and I thought I would get a cup of iced coffee. The guy behind the counter could barely speak English and did not understand the word Splenda. The first cup he gave me had cream in it. "No, not cream..... S P L E N D A. Do you have any S P L E N D A?" He looked confused and I got frustrated and started to walk out w/ the second cup and the guy behind me said "look, there's some splenda back there." I came back and sure enough behind the counter was a box of splenda in plain sight. Geesh! This is America, welcome, now please learn the language. Can I get a "YEAH" from anyone.