Water Aerobics

Set my alarm to go to water aerobics this morning. O.k......let me just say that this is the friendliest place I have every lived in my life. I haven't met a 'crab apple' yet. I'm sure they're around, I just haven't run into them. The class was challenging, especially the weights. Seems I picked the heaviest ones to use in the water and every time I tried to press them into the pool my butt bobbed up and my face went under. Again......always making an impression of some sort. I will be remembered as the 'butt-bobber'. Forget my name, they'll just say "oh hi, I met you @ water aerobics the other day...you're the 'butt-bobber'. Whatever.....it's nice to be remembered....even if it's for looking like a buoy at the pool. The 'hub' is in Denver (lucky dog) and I will be working on the house........some more! Weekend is almost here and we are going camping @ Zion National Park. Can't wait. I can already smell the campfire and the eggs and sausage for breakfast. That's all for now......from the 'butt-bobber'!

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LJ said...

Butt-Bobbers of America UNITE! Or...way to BOB, Butt! Hehehe