King 'Skut'

Took a ride to Bryce and Zion National Parks on Saturday. Had a lovely day. As you can see......so did Skully. I love this pic. The look on his face says "Uh Huh......It's all about me!" Looking forward to going camping this weekend. Our trip was delayed because of the accident. I'm hoping the car will be fixed by Friday so we can be on our way. My dad is still w/us and I really want to go camping w/him since he's the one responsible for introducing me to this fine activity that is up there @ the top of my favorite things to do. I am presently brushing up on my grammar skills. Was the latter sentence a run on sentence??? Is it permissible to use three question marks??? I'm hoping new/revised info. does not affect/effect my ability to write as I think. I'm also brushing up on my math - e - ma - tics! At the moment I am working on Algebra. Just a few of the upcoming lessons include linear equations, 1st, 2nd, 3rd law of exponents, methods and last but certainly not least WORD PROBLEMS. Why, you may ask, am I doing this? I have decided to take a class or two (or more) at the local college. But before I can get started I have to take a placement test. If you are in tune w/my blog you know that one of two recurring nightmares is about going back to school, (not to mention I always seem to be casually walking around w/out clothes until it hits me that I'm the only one in my birthday suit and I wake up in a cold sweat). Today I go to a forum/seminar entitled "Organize Yourself for College," and I am planning on wearing clothes :) Wish me luck.

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bagman said...

Good luck!!! (It's OK to use 3 exclamation points.)
I too have those recurring school nightmares - but I'm at least clothed. In mine, it's the last day of class and it's the final exam which is worth 100% of my grade. Problem is, I haven't been to a single class and to top it off, I'm not even sure where the class is!! So I'm late and have no idea what I should have been studying. Even after 30 years, it still haunts me.
I guess it goes back to the face that I never was much of a student to begin with. Deb likes to remind me that I had way too much fun at Gordon and that studying was a distant third on my priority list.