Accidents Will Happen

Ouch!! So, my day started out good. Went to a quilting class this morning. Lovely! Left a bit early to go make my hair appointment. Three hours later I left, stopped @ Starbucks for their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte (yummy) and drove to Harmon's Grocery Store. Big storm was blowing and the rain was coming down in buckets just in time for me to leave the store and scoot my cart to the car. By the time I got all the groceries in and the cart in the coral, I climbed in the car soaked to the bone and my new hair doo......ha.......it was all down around my face. I was a sight. I began to pull out of the parking lot and 'kaboom', I was broadsided by a green van. It scared the bee-jeevies out of me. No one was hurt. I sat their stunned and waited for her to come out to my car (after all, it wasn't my fault and it was raining really hard). She was so very nice and apologized profusely. I was reminded (once again) that I was no longer in Allentown, Pa. If I had been I'm sure the scene would have been very different and unpleasant. We sat in my car, exchanged insurance info. and laughed and I continued to tell her not to worry that I was glad that no one was hurt and that these things happen. The 'hub' drove over (after I called him) and he inspected the car and made sure to follow me home. I made it fine, had a nice dinner and am presently sitting on the couch w/Skully who is taking a nap beside me. I missed my bible study this evening :( but.........I will get to watch the 1st season episode of House :).

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