I know it's been forever since I've posted a blog. I have to be in the mood. When we were living the life in our r.v. I was in the mood almost everyday because i was in my element. With the 'hub' back to work and myself being busy about trying to find my bearings in my new place of residence, well...... the mood just doesn't strike me to often. So....day 5 of 2009. What do I have to say to you. Christmas was comforting. All of our chillen' were here along w/my dad and we spent 4 lovely days up by Zion National Park in a beautiful log cabin w/lots of snow outside. We played Uker, (card game), scrabble, took hikes, tried to sled only to laugh out loud when Katie and Richie's heels went over their heads because of the abrupt stop upon jumping on their inner-tubes. Apparently, the snow can be tooooo cold for sledding. Hmmm.....learned something new on that one. Fondue was on the menu one night. Deeeee licious!! Katie was our 'activities director' and put together some wonderful events. One particular event was the 'scariest' face contest. What a hoot!! We all laughed until our bellies hurt. We each had to go into the back bedroom where Katie had her camera and we invented/squirmed/squished out our scariest face. Here's something funny. I believe all of us tried really hard to win (except Cortny, she hasn't a competitive bone in her lil' bod). Kate was the last one to make her face and I took the pic. She didn't even try....because she was busy taking care of the contest, however, she won. It was pretty scary. You know when someone shows you a baby's photo that they think is absolutely adorable and you just aren't prepared? You're thinkin', o.k., this baby is going to be cute based on what I've heard, only to see the photo and have to suppress a 'gasp' and comments to the affect of 'that is the ugliest baby I have every seen." Well......that is the response to Kate's photo. I'm not sure how she does it but that beautiful girl of ours can sure spit out some real 'scary pics'. Wish I could post it, however, she has the pics. That only seems appropriate. Our final night was a talent night. Here's another note.......although the talent was funny, as a parent what was most special to me was watching Tim and Rich as a team and Cortny and Katie as a team working to put their skits together. It was precious. It reminded me of when i was growing up and on Christmas Eve and Easter we would get together w/our cousins and put on lil' skits. The most fun was preparing. (If my cousins were reading this, they would prob. disagree. I guess I was quite the 'Gestapo'.) Whatever, I remember it fondly.
New Years Eve was one to remember. Our community had a party in the ballroom. The 'hub' and I got dressed up and ventured out. Met some very nice peeps and danced until 1 in the morning. Happy New Year!!! So onto 2009. Tomorrow I start my class in English. Reading my blogs I'm sure you can attest to my needing some help w/grammar and contextual errors. It all makes sense to me :) Our 25 year anniversary is coming up in February along w/my turning 50. Big year!! No large trips are on the immediate horizon (hopefully we will explore more of southern Utah). I look forward to visits from friends. I have a few on the calendar and the Casita is ready. Can't wait to see them.
So.....I decided I needed some 'professional' help to decide what curtains to hang in our family/dining room area. She came by again today after I decided on material. Now.......the 'hub' knows that given choices, inadvertently I will ALWAYS pick the most expensive. I asked her how much the material I chose cost per yard. Are you ready for this.......150.00!!!! AYKM!! When the 'hub' came home I asked him to guess.... I knew I was in trouble when he started the bid at 15.00 a yard. You can imagine the horrific look that was on his face after he thought he was really stretching it @ 30.00 a yard, stopped and waited for me to tell him. So.......when you come and visit (and you will), we may only have one window done, or 1/2, or maybe just the curtain rod. We shall see. Oh Tami!! And I get annoyed w/my children's expensive taste. They come by it honestly. TJMAXX is hiring. I wonder if I can get a job part time. I'm thinkin' a year oughta cover one window :)

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ChRiStInExOxO said...

Hi Tam,
Oh I do love reading your blogs... your words make everything come to life in my mind. :) I am happy to hear that you had such a wonderful Christmas with the family! The photo of the cabin is really neat.
I know what you mean about "window shopping" and "finding a place for your face in this world...". Just be yourself and don't be afraid to be the first to say "hi". You reached out to me after I had moved to PA and I am so glad you did. You are a great friend and anyone who opens their door to you will be so glad they did!
Missing you - always your friend... Christine