Red Cliff Reserve

Seems we've found a couple that loves to explore as much as we do, and they have a jeep to boot! We set out yesterday @ 11:00 nestled in the back of their red 4x4! Our first stop was the Red Cliff Reserve. We took a quick hike and made a mental note to visit it again real soon. Next stop, the shadow of Pine Valley Mountain. This was our favorite. We drove over rocks, dirt and streams for about 8 miles until we couldn't go any more because of snow. The 'hub' and I got out and hiked about 1/2 a mile so we could spy the campground. 2nd mental note, "camp here even sooner!" We stopped in Hurricane (pronounced Her-a-kun), and had lunch. With our bellies full and the sun dipping lower in the sky we headed out to our last destination called Warren Valley. A beautiful area surrounded by red mountains, and Fort Pierce dating back into the 1800's. The coolest part was taking a quick hike back down into a creek bed that had been unearthed by millions of years of relentless winds. Not just any ordinary creek bed, a long, long, long, (x 100) time ago, dinosaurs roamed. We know this because they left their tracks. There were two sets, large and small. Maybe a mother and her offspring?? The cool part......in Utah, there have been countless numbers of dinosaur artifacts unearthed. In May we will have been here one year. 365 days, and we have barely scratched the surface of all there is to see :)

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cb said...

do you have a picture of the dinosaur tracks?!!