Small Group Gathering

Took the camper out for the weekend. Invited our small group over on Saturday night for a cookout. It was alot of fun. Saturday morning I spent the majority sitting in the shad watching three guys climb/scale one of the many walls in Snow Canyon. I envy them. I spoke w/one of them for a bit and he encouraged me to learn. I WILL learn in 2009 and will post my first climb. Back to the cookout. How fun it is to sit around sharing stories of this and that. I think they all really enjoyed themselves as did the 'hub' and I. As soon as we got into our camper to bed down for the night, I smiled, rolled over and told my precious husband how much I love to camp. (wonder how many times he's heard that). I can't wait to retire so we can do it full time. That is our dream. We are on a 3 to 5 year plan. I've posted a few pics from the weekend as well as some dinosaur tracks we saw last weekend when we were out 4x4'ing.

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