The Years Recap

I can't believe how fast the year has gone by since we left Allentown, Pa. Wow......has it really been a year??? I've thought about what to say on this anniversary and well.....I'm w/out wit or rhyme...maybe it's because I'm on pain medicine for an old herniated disk injury....maybe it's because ...... well, I just don't know. I got nothin'! You all know that I love our new home, I've told you enough. You all know you are welcome any time. You also know that we are busy exploring whenever we get the chance. So what new news can I share. Katie graduates in May and we will be heading down for the big event. Thank you to those who have supported her and prayed for her over the years, you know who you are! Tim's web design business (http://www.timstepp.com/) is moving along and we heard today that he will be working @ the same company as Katie in their design department. Katie called today, she now has her own office and will be given sales and marketing accounts of her very own. Gone are the days of being the 'girl' Friday. She called the other day and said "C-bee (that's what she calls me) I'm as happy as a clam." Music to a parents ears. Cortny and Rich have a lovely 'teeny tiny' home in Bowie Texas. You can see it on http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ where she has entered it into a contest. Go there, log on and give her the thumbs up. They are busy preparing for their first peach harvest along w/Cortny continuing her education @ UNT. I have begun to fill in teaching group exercise classes. I have some great 'boot camp' buddies who have offered their time to be my Guinea pigs. Every time I step in front of a class I am afraid...but I will persevere until I'm not afraid anymore. My dad is planning on moving down here. I'm excited!!! I'm trying to entice my sister, Lori as well. She loves to camp and fish as much as I do. What a blast if we could do these things together. Come on down sissy sis!
In a time when so many people are afraid and have lost so much, I'm thankful for what I have, for my family's health, for friends who have been faithful despite my moving here and there and for my precious husband who has helped through God's great design to hone and shape me over the years. I surely was a 'rough' diamond when we met and there are still many rough edges to smooth out. Happy Easter. I hope it is filled with the peace and joy that only comes from knowing Him.

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Bill said...

The year has gone quickly. I'm glad I was here to share it with you:)