New Favorite Thing to do

Who would have thought that at age 50 I would be wheelin', whirlin', bobbin', swervin' while riding along in an suv. The bumpier, the higher, the muddier.......the BETTER!!!! What a blast. Today we took another 4x4 trip w/friends from Sunriver. We started out in Warner Valley just south of St. George and then headed up to Zion National Park via a long, bumpy beautiful alternative, dirt road. We were so high up the 'hub' had a headache.....he gets these whenever we venture higher up then our house :) We parked the car on a bluff, got out w/backpacks and cameras and started to explore the surroundings. I have NEVER seen so many beautiful rocks/pebbles in one place. Also, there were hundreds of barrel and prickly pear cactus.....of which we spent a bit of time digging up a few to take home and plant in the backyard. The day ended w/a trip into Springdale, Ut which is the gateway town to Zion....we stopped at one of the 'hub' and I's favorite places to eat called Oscars Cafe. Back home again, snugglin' w/the Skully Miester. I have tiny rocks soaking in the sink, soon to be put outside in the pots I will plant my cactus in. My belly is full and once again I am thankful for our surroundings. Next weekend, we are to take off after the 'hub' spends some time @ work on Saturday into the Arizona desert/mountains. WE are following behind some friends in their jeep as we pull our trailer and 'dry' camp out in a remote piece of land. Here in Utah and Arizona you can camp anywhere that is government land. I mean anywhere!!!! I will make sure to send pics w/a blog. Whoever STILL reads my blog.....I hope someday you can come for a visit...I believe you will love it hear and understand why I do to.


To Visit My said...
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cb said...

we planted some cactuses . . . cacti (?) too! i love them!