Cuddle Wrap

Well.....our friends have the 'bug'. Not to be confused w/the pig flu. This bug has to do w/tents, smokey campfires and the latest in camping gear. Yes....they have become official campers. How exciting for them and us as we now have comrade campers!!! This pic was taken @ their first camping excursion in Snow Canyon. They had the best site available there. Nestled back in the brush, up against the Red Rock, hidden away from everyone. We joined them for a fine dinner consisting of shish-ka-bobs, salad and topped off with chocolate covered strawberries. We are up the line campers...what can I say. Did I ever tell you where the term "up the line" came from? Short story w/in a story. Shortly after moving in to our new home in Allentown, Pa. I was out in the yard and a car stopped to ask us where a particular neighborhood was where there were new homes being built. I told them, but also shared that there were several new homes in our neighborhood. The lady replied..."On no, we are looking for an 'up the line' home." Peeps.........many of them open their mouths only to take their foot out of it. Back to camping. This little number that I am wearing is referred to as a 'cuddle wrap.' It was a gift a few Christmas's ago from the inlaws. My girls ea. got one and thought they were hilarious. Daughters.......they can humble or humor you in the blink of an eye. So...I was cold and the 'hub' found my 'cuddle wrap' in the back of the car. I do believe I was the envy of my fellow campers. Hence the pic. I know you are too! Come on....you want to ask me where you to can purchase this little number. Google It!!

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Puff said...

hahahahahahhahaha CUDDLE WRAPS!