On my way home from aerobics each day, I drive w/a view of I-15. There hasn't been a time when I haven't looked out and saw RV's, campers, and 5 wheelers rolling down/up the freeway. I'm serious. This is camping heaven around here, not to mention we border Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and Arizona. Someone is always on there way to camp. When I see them rolling along....I wish it were me. You know how you sometimes answer the question "What was the best time of your life?" Well, I've had many....all of them have been accompanied w/the peeps I love. If, however, I had to name the one time that was the happiest and most relaxed for the 'hub' and me...it would be the month we spent in our camper on our way to Utah. Most of it was at Lake Arrowhead in Texas. The kids came out to our campsite on a regular basis along w/our Texan friends the Woolseys. The 'hub' was between jobs, no pressure, stress, deadlines. It was AWESOME!! You don't know what you're missing until it's not there anymore. I never have thought much about retirement. It was something 'old' peeps did. Now, I think about it all the time, and I'M NOT OLD!! The 'hub's' job is stressful, he's putting in countless hours. When he is home, he is camped out on the couch w/the computer on his lap clicking away at reports and what not. I'm thankful he has a job...I know many do not. Someday, real soon, it will be us rambling down/up the freeway on our way to explore a new place. Skuttle, will be in the back in his little bag, I'll be reading the map counting the miles to our destination. The 'hub' won't be on the phone, or his computer. Until then, I will dream my dream as I watch the traffic go up and down I-15. It won't be long now....life is going by faster w/each year. Seize the day!

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