DaddyBum is in the HOUSE!!

Left Coeurd'alene Idaho on Saturday and arrived in St. George, Utah on Sunday w/one u-haul (loaded w/STUFF), one mercury sable station wagon hooked to the U-Haul, 2 sore booties (rear ends) and 1 dad. He has finally made the commitment and moved to our beautiful city. It was one long haul. When I have gotten some rest I will blog about the trip. For now this blog is for my Sunriver/Boot Camp comrades. They showed up this morning w/smiles and strong backs to help w/the move. They tried to say it was because they were missing the normal Monday Boot Camp workout and they needed to find a substitute to flex their muscles...however, we know better. They made it fun and also helped my dad feel welcomed. He has said more than once today....those people are GREAT!! Ditto Daddy O'! They certainly are.


Puff said...

welcome gpa!!

bagman said...

What is it with you and moving....if you're not moving yourself, you're moving someone else. Hopefully it went as well as your move out there...and just so you know - we're ready to move you back here.

catyj said...

I agree! We'll move you back anytime! I miss Skully too!