As I said in my Mother's Day blog, we went camping over the weekend. To tell you how much I love it.......'o.k. Tami, we get it', I went to boil some water yesterday @ home and got out a book of matches to light my electric stove :) The weekend was nice, the weather was great. We had company on Sat. night and dined on smores and wienies. I've attached a video of our adventure as well as some pics. Enjoy! Next trip...Texas on Thurs. for Katie's big graduation.


Puff said...

MA! I'm surprised you got so close to the edge in your video! You hated when we did that haha! Dad, you look great and Skully is as cute as ever!

Tam said...

I didn't like it when you kids got close to the edge

catyj said...

Hi Tami! I have finally had a chance to catch up with your blogs. You are a "hoot"! My prayers are with you as you are probably traveling back home from Katie's graduation. Don't know if you heard, but Steve is engaged to a wonderful girl, Lisa, and the wedding is Nov 14 at Willow Valley Resort's Chapel. Life is definitely marching on! I too dream of retirement while we can still enjoy it. But for now, i need to be content with being busier than the body tan sprayer on Dancing with the Stars! Love you and miss you both.