50 Years!

Went to an anniversary celebration on Saturday night. The couple, Bill & Betty, have been married for 50 years. As if that isn't a huge accomplishment all by itself, they still radiate deep love for one another and a bond of friendship that is rarely seen between the best of friends. What a joy. Their favorite past time is dancing. And so, it was appropriate that we had music and they even instructed everyone on 2 different line dances. Yee Haw! I couldn't help but shed some tears when their son sang two songs for them. When we got there, Bill came over to greet, thank and hug me. I whispered in his ear "do you know that you were married the same year I was born?" He laughed and said he really appreciated that information. "Always a ray of sunshine" I said! I can only hope and pray that the 'hub' and I will be together that long and our love for one another will be and inspiration and desire to others to work towards that end. We are 1/2 way there :)

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Principal Mr. Malone said...

Your being there meant a lot to mom and dad! Thanks for coming.

Glenn Malone :)