I'm intense.....'ya think'. You Betcha (think Sara Palin). My self-standards are high to the detriment, at times, of my family and friends. Without God's grace, I would be close to a tyrant. My attitude would be "if I can do it you can and should". Along w/the Almighty, I have been blessed w/a husband who has the patience of ...... yes, I must say it 'Job'. That's phoenetically pronounced JOBE, not JOB! You remember him. Doesn't everyone. The guy in the Old Testament who had all the bad things you can think of happen to him. All his family dies, he loses everything (goes from riches to rags), and if that isn't bad enough, he ends up w/boils all over his body, sitting amongst friends who didn't have a clue on how to console him and went as far as saying his troubles were his own doing. I think we've all had a friend or two like that. Through it all he remained faithful. So, back to the 'hub'. He has been patient w/me while watching life 'tweek' me around. Why does it take some of us so long (50) to find balance? I believe for me it's because of my first self-statement. When I do something.....I'm all about it. If I believe in something, I'm all in. I remember when I sold MK and all we ever heard was "Time Management." I believe that one statement along w/the unrest I felt was what pushed me out of the business. You see, I can't work to someone else's schedule or how they feel you need to 'do' life. I must find my own way. Today I sat down and was cleaning out my 'treasure box.' Doesn't every woman have one. Cards, crayoned pics from when the children were little, ......love letters from the 'hub.' What a kick! He sure wrote some pretty special things. It's a no wonder there has been such a transformation in me from the time I had a chip on both shoulders w/a mouth like a truck driver to present day. He's been my encourager, always cheering me on, exampling a better way to live life, never pushing it on me, just watching him made me want to be a better person. Well.....you must excuse me now, I'm going to keep reading the cards and letters from the 'hub'.

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