Never Gets Old

I have yet to visit any place here in Utah more than once and feel that it is getting old. We took my dad out to the dinosaur tracks and Ft. Pierce yesterday afternoon. I believe we were the only ones out in the desert. Must have been 110 degrees.....atleast....no shade either. Afterwards we stopped for a smoothie...dad's treat.

My traveling 'tick' has returned. I can always tell because I get restless and spend more time than I should looking for new places to explore. Found a fabulous place on the way to the North Rim. It's a working ranch. Dinner's are made in dutch ovens, beds are 'bunk' in little cabins. They offer 3 or more days of rafting on the Colorado River, however, we're talking 1300.00 per person to start. Maybe we could find a place to camp and float down the river on inner tubes....ha. We'd never be heard from again. Our friends the Woolseys are coming the 1st weekend of Oct. Plans to visit the North Rim and have dinner in the lodge are on the 'to do' list. I absolutely love to have something to look forward to. I believe it's a necessity for woman. Planning is half the fun.


Puff said...

i wish i had something to look forward to! :(

Tam said...

you do kate, your own place...i'll be there to help you move in. your so young, you have your whole life ahead of you. you need to plan something.