Up where it's Chilly

Took a camping trip up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon last weekend. It was much cooler and quieter. We camped w/our friends the Ristows. I'm thankful the 'hub' was able to get some time off. However, it's never w/out 'paybacks' when he returns to work. Someday....I will blog about that...for now....I'll keep to the lighter side of life. The campground we stayed @ was about 12 miles from the lodge and view of the canyon. The Aspen's are beginning to put on their fall coat of brilliant yellow. Viewing these beautiful giants amongst the dark green of pine trees and blue spruces solidified my love of the outdoors. I'm 'so so' about many things in life....but when it comes to being outside, w/out the noise of life, where only a fool would say that there wasn't a God, I'm steadfast about it being my most favorite place to be. But....you know that about me. It seems the things in life that mean the most are reiterated often. Back to the Rim. Once we got our RV's situated we took off for the lodge. The Ristows had never been there. Not because they haven't wanted to go....for the past year or two they've had to stay close to home to take care of elderly pets. I admire their dedication to their furry friends. They put travel on hold until they loved each one out of their life. Good peeps. Now.... Skuttle McDoo gives them a 'fur fix' on a regular basis. It was fun to watch them view the canyon for the first time. We took some short hikes, where I insisted on climbing out on a ledge to have my pic taken (view last pic shown, that small dot is ME). Now that I think back on it.....I'm alittle crazy. (I see you nodding your head) At the time it seemed o.k. After the fact, whenever I recall standing on that ledge, my stomach drops as I envision a different outcome like.......oh.........it's a long way down. I saw another guy doing the same stunt...however he was a European....and from my last blog......these are the men that wear the 'speedos'. My discernment must have jumped out of me and landed @ the bottom of the canyon on that one. We had a lovely lunch in the lodge, window seats :) At camp....we don't dine on wienies and beans out of a can like some hobo! I make meals ahead. Spaghetti, angel food cake dipped in chocolate, white bean soup, marinated chicken, grilled mixed vegies and brownies. We eat like royalty. It would only make sense.....we are out in God's kingdom....the first place men and women set up house. We even had APPLES and chocolate/carmel dipping sauce :) On Sunday, we had a champagne brunch w/pancakes, strata (my son-in-laws calls it Eric Eggstrata), blueberry muffins and to top it off orange juice w/champagne. Not your everyday camping.....I know. We took a 9.5 mile hike on Saturday to an area of the canyon that was very different than what you are able to see @ the lodge. It was gorgeous. The pic of the 'hub', Don and myself was the view we saw @ the end of the hike. My dad came up on Sat. (2 hour drive one way.....you know who I get my love of the outdoors from), and had lunch w/us and then we took a ride up to Cape Royal Pt. OMGoodness. We were able to see the Colorado river way, way, way down below and w/our binoculars could see people rafting down the rapids. I always get alittle down on the ride back home. However, it's not long before I'm getting on the Internet, or perusing through the camping books looking for our next place to take either the trailer or the tent. I got wind of a place called Hatch up above Bryce Canyon. Gonna check it out. Next up....our friends, Brady and Julie from Texas are coming for a visit. YoooooooHooooo! Another trip back up to the North Rim, just for a day, however, we have reservations for dinner and we'll make sure we give them the GRAND tour!

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Timothy Stepp said...

"I'm 'so so' about many things in life....but when it comes to being outside, w/out the noise of life, where only a fool would say that there wasn't a God, I'm steadfast about it being my most favorite place to be"

I liked that!

God seems to work best in silence for those who appreciate solitude.

Great blog, ma! I could use a trip soon.