Skully needs a Brother

Do I dare. Do I dare buy another chihuahua? When I leave to go somewhere, Skully looks at me as if to say "you leavin' me again momma ma ?"(this is what I think he would call me if he could speak). I tell him I'll be back soon. When I return, he's cuddled up either under my desk or in his little bed. He lifts his head as if to say "finally......I thought you said you wouldn't be long." And so it is these quiet conversations (literally) that have me pondering whether or not I should get him a brother. We got an email a week or two ago from the breeder that sold us the Skuddle Bug. I have always said that if I were to buy another one it would only be from him. He wrote us to say that he has a black and tan long haired male chihuahua puppy, if we are interested. I'm not sure but I can tell you that when he finally sends us some pics (he's only 4 weeks old, the puppy not the breeder) that will be the kicker. Here's the problem......the puppy is in Puxatanney, Pa. How do I get there? Do I drive???? Do I fly?? If I fly, can the little guy's bladder (along w/the other) hold until I touch down in Las Vegas, and get him to some grass? They say little dogs need other little dogs to keep them company. I'm not sure. But if I lived say.....with dogs, and I was the only human......I would want another human around when the dogs went out for the evening. So, I'm leaving it up to you.....my friends. Email taxitam@hotmail.com and tell me if you think I should or shouldn't get Skuttle a brother. If you're not sure....take a look at the pics of when he was just a little fella. Not that I would want to persuade you either way :)

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Puff said...

i dunno how I feel about it...i feel as though skutty would be jealous for attention. He would like the playing part, but not all the training and jazz you'll have to do with the new brother...plus, i thought I was getting the next "skutty". I just don't know...i love skully too much to see another pup around...even though black and tan is cool.