FIVE to GO!!!

You may wonder what the title means. I can't tell you. It is a countdown of sorts, and when '0' comes along, unless something screws up the plan, I will divulge its meaning. Now that I've gotten that out of the way.....we went camping this weekend on Hurricane Mesa. Set up the tent in the dark w/the wind howling which almost catapulted us into the air and we too, would have been on the evening news. It would have read something like this "Couple Camps Midair", or maybe "Authorities Scramble to Catch Couple in Flying Tent", or my personal favorite, "Flying Tent Could Contain Owners" (subtitle) "Authorities Prepare for Rescue." As if the wind wasn't challenging enough, our lantern was broke so we had to rely on the car headlights. Two hours later and we had set up our campsite. A little chatter around a cozy fire and then the three of us (skuttle mcdoo) got comfy cozy and drifted off to sleep. Now, I'm usually in charge of taking the air mattress and inflating it by using the car adaptor. Uhhh......seems there were some thorn bushes that were undetectable in the dark, so next morning we were like human potato chips (hub's analogy). Our butts were on the ground and our feet and head were sticking up in the air. We looked like we were diving into the air....if you can wrap your mind around that pic. Skully, on the other hand, was quite content smashed between the two of us. Not ones to let such a little thing ruin our time, I just inflated it again....hoping it was a fluke....it wasn't!! Our friends, the Halfacres along w/my dad came up for dinner on Sat. night. We talked of more serious matters around the fire and into the night....I'm thankful for their understanding and listening while we spoke of 'life' stuff. Does one ever look around them and say "I like everything in my life?" There's always something or someone that makes it challenging. God says that difficulties produce endurance and endurance makes us complete. I would be a fool to say I'm complete. Life is about putting all the pieces together until we get it right....and that won't happen until I move upstairs to the big house. You know....Heaven :)

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Timothy Stepp said...

Great way to end the blog, Ma :) Love asking questions such as, "Do I enjoy everything in life right now?" Perspective is immediate.