WWW (Weekend With the Woolseys)

I love it when peeps come to visit. For many reasons...I like them (obviously or they wouldn't be invited), I get to take them to places they've never seen and watch their reaction to the beauty and awesome array of God's handiwork that's just around the corner, we catch up on life, make memories and just plain have a good time. So when the Woolseys arrived this last Saturday we were ready and hit the ground running as soon as we picked them up. After a nice lunch here in our community we drove up to Bryce Canyon. We caught the tail end of the leaves changing along the way. We stopped for a break and both Julie and I were a bit on the 'green' side from the curves on our way up. And I'm not talking about bodies here.....I'm talking 'criken' winding roads driven by the 'hub' at breakneck speed. You'd think after 25 years (I made this comment while whirling around corners) that he would know by now my tendency to get queasy on such ventures, but hey, what can I say, better yet, what can he say. Why don't you ask him the next time you see him. Say something like this "So .... why is it that you don't seem to remember the delicate nature of your most precious wife when driving on those winding roads?" I can tell you what he will say and do. He will chuckle the chuckle that only he can chuckle :) and say "I do. I'm not sure what you're talking about." I'm telling you my 'hub' is a master @ evasiveness. Back to the Woolseys. We arrived at Bryce later in the day and so the sun was starting to go down. The deep colors offset by the rays of the sun were stunning. I took 130 pics on the trip. We took a mile and a half walk that lasted well over an hour because what goes down must come back up. The going down was steep, the coming up was....well...a real huff and puff fest. It was worth it. You get a whole different view of the canyon while you are down among the 'hoo doos.' We stopped to have dinner and took advantage of the buffet, that is when we could get a fork in through a variety of large, rude and/or just plain ignorant buffetiers. GEESH!! We buf-it-ted our bodies good, including desserts. Yummers. By the time we got home we were all pretty beat and headed straight to bed. Up early the next morning and left for the Grand Canyon. There were wind gusts up to 65mph...so we almost got blown onto the canyon floor. While we waited for our dinner reservation we played trivial pursuit along w/truth or lie (this proved to be quite amusing). Truth or Lie is where you make a statement about yourself and everyone has to say whether your telling the truth or a lie. For example I would say "I once had a date w/Donny Osmond." Is that the truth or a lie? It's a lie....it was more like "When I was 12 I dreamed of having a date w/Donny along with knowing every lyric to every song he ever sang." By the way, did you know he was on 'dancing w/the stars?' Dinner was lovely and we talked of future travel from cruising down the Panama Canal to going on an African Safari. The Woolseys love to travel as much as we do. Once again we arrived home late, fell into bed. Monday morning Julie and I were off for a day of beauty. We had facials, manicures and pedicures (complete w/bling), a delicious lunch and topped it off w/perusing shops. That night we went to "Footloose" at Tuachan. http://www.tuacahn.com/ . It's a stupendous outdoor amphitheater set amongst large red rock hills. It was fabulous....especially since we had front row seats. A stop @ my new favorite yogurt shop on our way home topped off the evening. Tuesday morning we packed up the car and took Brady and Julie to the shuttle. I was sad to see them go, however, I know there will be more times like these (God willing) and we made good memories this time around.

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Julie W said...

We had such a wonderful time making memories with you! I can hardly wait to see what our next adventure with you will be!!! Come to Texas and we will ZUMBA together.