Meat Case

There is an unspoken rule between 'women' when perusing cuts of meat in the meat dept. You wait your turn. If a women is standing...say...in front of the pigs feet....you quietly bide your time until it's your turn to pick your feet :) It's that way for any cut of meat, pig, cow, turkey, chicken...o.k. I realize that turkey and chicken are considered 'poultry' but must we spit hairs. And so began what I thought was a regular 'look see' while in the meat dept. I was trying to decide between top sirloin and tenderloin. I was clearly there by myself, no other shoppers around. It was a big decision that I was trying to make. It was for our 'fondue' night on Christmas Eve with our precious children. I wanted it to be just right. Sirloin, tenderloin.....tenderloin, sirloin? What should I pick. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a young couple looking @ hamburger. However, there was something about their stance that clued me into the fact they were wanting to buy 'up the line' meat....meaning...they wanted the spot I was standing. I tried to move my cart a little bit to give her some room, but, I wasn't willing to give up my spot.......remember, there is a rule. Well, I turned around and she was behind me. I was a bit annoyed but I thought surely she would keep her distance until I moved on. So I looked @ the meat just a bit in front of where I was standing, went to take a step back and RAN INTO HER!!! Why is it that when it's time for IMMEDIATE patience, it is slow to take form? At least it's that way for me. No problem when I know I am entering a situation where patience is going to be needed. I'm armed. But......the fact that it's not one of my virtues makes it clearly a challenge. It didn't surface....no bubbling up of patience came, instead, I'm sorry to say, I just looked @ her and said EXCUSE ME am I IN YOUR WAY, thinking she would apologize and BACK OFF!! She just smiled and moved in closer. AYKM!!!! So I moved around to her backside...only to have her turn around and run into me again. ARGHHHHHH!!!!! All I wanted was my cut of meat. Now, you know me.....short on patience, long on competitiveness. Why oh why would I go there in my brain is only for God to say. But now....it became a game for me to win. In the end, I threw some sirloin into my cart and rolled away, but not before I took my time and refused to be ran off. You know, I don't think she even realized her meat case mistake. Ten minutes later, when I was way down on the other end of the store, I looked up and they were STILL in front on the meat counter. I shook it off. It's life......right. I started thinking about my meat....freezing it, driving to Texas....and I realized there was no way I could keep it frozen that long. So........on my way to the check out I rolled by the meat dept. AGAIN...and threw my sirloin back in the case. My bad, but it provided a story for you to read :)

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Puff said...

oh man i woulda clocked her