Here We Go....Again

Hello my loyal readers. I apologize for 'going dark' for so long (Jack talk). Be patient as I try to explain. They say, (don't ask me who they is...no one knows) there are three events in life that can create major stress. Death of a loved one, loss of a job and moving. I would love to play the guessing game w/you and have you try your luck @ which one I might be dealing with but I will cut to the chase and say all the above. The 'hub' resigned from his job. My precious father has lung cancer and has been given 3-6 months to live. We are moving (YES AGAIN), to Plano, Texas and starting our own business. Gone are the days of working 12 to 14 hour days and most weekends only to make the fat cats fatter. We are now the cats and if fat refers to monetary status well......we're lookin' pretty slim. Let's get the most difficult out there. My father. Why is it that we apologize for events in life that are out of our control? He's apologized for the cancer and the timing of it. We've apologized for the job/move and the time of IT. You hear about how people are fighting cancer. He's not. He's a realist and has weighed out his options, (there weren't many) and has decided to take the road that leads to living out each day w/tenacity and acceptance, and putting his affairs in order. As I write this, the three of us are on I40 heading east about 175 miles outside of Albuquerque, hauling our home behind us. He's going to look for a place to live in Plano. I will let that be enough for now. Both my Heavenly Father and my earthly father are teaching me to live in the moment. On to the next two. I've eluded to the difficulty of the 'hubs' job over the last couple of years. I will continue to take the 'high road' and let that be enough. The change in his appearance and outlook on life has been amazing since leaving that environment. He's had friends, who've only known him since moving here, that have remarked how relaxed he is and have been entertained by his humor that has been hidden for quite some time. The years of his career have brought many highs and lows along with missed events because of the demands of his type of work. If you know him, you know how incredibly talented he is along w/being a people person. We've decided to join our talents along w/life lessons learned and began working for US. We will be selling window coverings (blinds, shutters) along w/soft treatments (drapery, bedding, pillows and area rugs) in Plano. Plano is 30 miles south of Denton, Texas where our oldest daughter and husband reside. Also, our granddaughter is on her way and is expected to enter our world sometime mid-June. Wooooo Hooooo! Can't wait to be grandma. Katie and Tim live about 2 hours north of us. Gone are the days of traveling two days to spend time w/our children. Now, we will be just a hop, skip and a large leap away. Sunday dinners, shopping w/my girls, (window shopping for now, remember .....skinny cat), moments that skype can't even begin to re-enact. You ask "Are you stressed Tami?" Well, here's a funny thing...funny for me anyways.....for the most part "NO." Maybe alittle scared at what will be required of me in the near future but it feels right. I've been checking up on God, and looking into more of His character and how He feels about me. Here's a news alert, He sees, He's working, He's in control. Peace. Oh, I can't say there aren't times that my head is screaming "AYKM.....how am I going to get through this? How will it all work out? Here's the great thing about it. God screams louder......"I'm here Tami. My grace is sufficient. My power is perfected in weakness." My mind replies "Oh yes, right, right I knew that. Well, power away.....let er' rip God."

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