Five Star Lunch

Who says you have to be @ home or at a restaurant to have a gourmet lunch? Not I! We went on a hike yesterday. The weather was beautiful enough to take the dogs along and leave them in their crate in the back of the trailblazer while the 'hub' and I did some 'trailblazing' of our own. The trail is called Coalpits Wash and is in Zion National Park. At first I wasn't sure we were going to like it because it was so muddy. Much of the trail followed a wash that was dry. I made the comment to the hub that it would be nicer if the water was flowing. God took that as a prayer and within minutes we heard water and looked up the dry stream and saw water trickling down toward us filling up the wash. How cool was that. The 'hub' took a video of it on his phone. How many get to see this phenomenon happen? The sun must have melted the ice upstream and before long it was rushing along and provided several small waterfalls to enjoy as well. Here comes the gourmet part. We sat down on some rocks next to a waterfall and heated up some left over chicken and white bean soup that I had made the night before.We had taken along a can of Sterno and the 'hub' rigged up some rocks, put the Sterno in between and the pot of beans on top. Before long it was bubbly hot. There we were out in the sun, sitting next to a stream eating a turkey sandwich and hot soup. Beats any five star restaurant. Nothing rivals nature.....nothing! It is pure, the sounds are natural, the sun is warm w/out cost. I heard a sermon not long ago where the Pastor remarked that God has placed His DNA in each of us. I believe that. He made me and He made nature. When the two of 'us' our visiting....the world seems right. Bon' Appetite!

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Julie W said...

Sounds delish! Glad you made it home safe and sound. We loved getting to see you over Christmas vacation.