5 Doll Uh!

Kate turned 24 on Thursday and came down to spend the weekend. I love my Katster. She brings me such joy! So, gone on the the days (for now) when we take her on a carribbean cruise for her birthday, now are the days when we find local pleasures, like manicures and pedicures. And so was our afternoon. Everyone here in Texas seems to like french pedicures, and so I asked our Asian Nail Artisan, "How much additional for a french pedicure?" She replied with her Asian accent "5 Doll Uh!" I replied back (to my immediate horror ), "only 5 Doll Uh? Let's do it." Hoping no one noticed my culture f aux p aux, I hurried on to pick my nail color for my manicure. As I was perusing (you know I love that term), I whispered to Katie, "Did you notice my reply?" She said "Yes Mom, I can't believe you said that." Arghhhhhh! I was caught ....... I can't believe I said that. It came out of mouth naturally. No disrespect intended, however, I'm declaring, (before you can) ,I am a dufas! My toes and nails look fabulous. Some of us are good at selling custom window treatments, while some of us are nail artisans. Don't judge me. I gave her a nice tip. I'm not sure it can make up for my cultural slip! Insert foot in mouth. My foot knows my mouth well. Go back to my early days of blogging and you will find a blog entitled "foot and mouth disease" or something like that.


Julie W said...

I am laughing out loud! Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine thinks the Asian nail ladies are talking about her? They were, and I'll bet your lady had a few words to say about you too!!! Thanks for the laugh

Puff said...

haha Julie I was paranoid the WHOLE time they were talking about us! Mom in particular!
Mom I had a great time and love spending time with you. See you soon and love you!
5 doll uh!