Ya Ya

My little Lily Belle has made her entrance into this world. All 8 lbs. 10 oz. (you are the woman Cortny). I spent the evening with her and her parents. We toasted her arrival with a bottle of white wine left from my dad, and had a hearty lasagna dinner topped off with fresh basil from Richie's balcony garden. Does it get any better? I have a new comparison.....her name is Lily Belle. She has raised the bar when it comes to joy in my life. I look at her precious little (very full) face and all my worries wash away. Thank you God! She is perfectly beautiful, like her parents. I count the days until I can hold her and whisper in her little perfect ear...."It's YaYa ,Lily. I love you the world." Ya Ya is Greek for Grandma. You didn't really think I would be happy with just being called 'grandma' did you?


Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

tami!!! congrats!! im sooo happy for you and your family! what a cutie! i look forward to seeing more pictures! watch out she'll grow up fast.. ( as you know, your daughter had a baby ;) ) but seriously.. ella has her first tooth and i can see the 2nd just under her gums.... and she's not even 5 months yet!! ahh!! miss you bunches! ps. check out my blog for a great father's day gift for your son-in-law

Jackie said...

She is beautiful and you will be a wonderful "Ya Ya". Congratulations to all!

Suzie said...

How blessed you are to be in the presence of one so fresh from God! Enjoy, my friend. You have been on quite a circle of life journey this year. love, Suzie

Diane Cobb-Adams said...

OMG, I'm sooooo happy for you and the family. Love cutie patootie's name. Bet you can't wait to spoil her! Looking forward to pictures as she grows.
Nothing like a wee one to put life into perspective.
Hugs & kisses to Bill, Skully & Nacho!
Missing you here in SunRiver.

Aloha nui,

Timothy Stepp said...

Subscribed as I explained :) Best ma, best g-ma.

Uncle T

catyj said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure you are already thinking of special things to teach her. And just think of all the new things you will have to blog about!

Puff said...

I agree with Tim (Uncle T), best mom and best gma (ya ya)! So glad to have Lily in our family now!!

Love you and our perfect family!

Aunt Beety

ChRiStInExOxO said...

Congratulations Ta-Ya-Ya! Now I won't be referring to you as TaxiTam any more. No, it will be Ta-Ya-Ya from now on (Tami + YaYa)! :) Enjoy every minute as you begin a whole new chapter (of which I can't wait to read).
- hugs & kisses to all
Christine & Jeff White